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Letter: Burnaby's parkland is not on the table, period

Need industrial land? Buy it somewhere else, this writer says.
The City of Burnaby has always been committed to creating and preserving greenspace even as it develops, this writer says (like Deer Lake, seen here) — so a plan to rezone parkland at Fraser River Foreshore Park isn't acceptable.


I've lived in Burnaby for 40 years and have always been proud of Burnaby's commitment to creating, acknowledging the value of, and preserving green space and parkland. This mindset has been a progressive, holistic feather in this city's cap.

Allowing the rezoning of parkland to allow for anything else is not the Burnaby I know. It does not reflect my priorities and in no way shows respect for and responsible stewardship of our land. Reclaiming parkland for other use, if allowed to be done once, will set a precedent that cannot be reversed. It's a slippery slope.

I can't help but think of the huge movie studios to be built at Boundary and Marine. We have access to industrial land. We can buy industrial land for development.

In my mind, parkland has no place in the equation. It is simply unavailable. When it was dedicated as parkland many years ago, the covenant did not read "unless something else comes up."

I feel betrayed, and I'm sure you will be hearing from many other residents who mirror my disbelief at this proposed future plan.

Annie Council