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Letter: Ill-informed decisions are bad for Burnaby

City councillors lacked crucial information when they initially considered plan to remove parkland, reader says.
Burnaby Fraser Foreshore Park. | Photo by Jennifer Gauthier/Burnaby NOW files


Thank you to Burnaby city council for reconsidering the location of the GRO project at Fraser Foreshore park.

Your willingness to about-face and acknowledge mistakes were made is to be commended. I have a concern though, that council was asked to vote on this location without being fully informed of the value and ecological profile of the land.

At the March 20 meeting, many council members thanked the citizens for educating them regarding this sensitive parkland. I am astounded that they did not have this information prior to the vote. I personally learned most of what I know about this site through Google.

I understand that after removing the land from park designation the city would receive environmental assessments. It seems too late at that point.

In the future I hope that councillors insist on being fully informed before voting. It is not our job to educate them; luckily, we did anyway.

An uneducated vote is a dangerous thing. Please review the process within the city for future votes.

Annie Council

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