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Letters: Don’t cover Central Park pool

Enclosing outdoor facility would ruin the experience for swimmers, readers say.
Burnaby's outdoor pool at Central Park should stay as is, readers write.

Editor: I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I first heard the pool was to be permanently covered.

Please leave Central Park pool as it is now, a wonderful place for lap swimming and family fun in the sun! I’ve been swimming laps there for 13 years and there is no other outdoor pool that comes close to the ambience from the surroundings that the park brings with its tall trees and natural setting.

It would be a shame to cover the pool and lose that. I realize we need more pools but the new pool set to open next February in New Westminster will bring some relief to the burden that Burnaby’s pools have taken on since Canada Games and CG Brown have closed.

Pam Mills


Editor: Stop putting a roof over the Central Park Pool and deal with the problem at hand.

If the people moving into Burnaby don't want to take the extra few minutes to drive to Bonsor or Killarney indoor pool, then they should have considered building and maintaining their own pools in their giant expensive sky available that they are putting up all around Metrotown, while demovicting all its original citizens.

Stop making this city a haven for sun haters. The original people of Burnaby like the pool the way it is. I swear, if you tell me within a month that the roof is broken and has to stay sealed forever, it will be so obvious what the plans always were to be.

Kristyna Votek


Editor: I don’t support a roof for the swimming pool. If people need the extra pool they can go somewhere else temporarily.

No point to follow the east side to add a cover that won’t open in two-thirds of the time due to no heating support. Not well-spent money for a top that lasts a couple of years.

Alan Leung