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Priorities all wrong in B.C

Dear Editor: The $550 million being spent by the province to install a new retractable roof on the B.C. Place Stadium is the worst misallocation of resources I can remember.

Special days provide opportunity for change

It seems like every time you flip over the calendar, there are countless special holidays or observances coming up.

Publishing letter revealed bias

Dear Editor: Re: Online poster proud of partaking in violent gay bashing attack, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, July 22. The letter, authored by a "T. Trueman," would have been better titled as "Burnaby Now supports bashing Parents' Voice.

Transit gates a costly idea

Dear Editor: Re: Faregate system too costly, mayor insists, Burnaby NOW, July 22. While Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan is right about the transit gate system that will cost more money, it makes perfect sense for TransLink's board of directors.

The search for common ground

Let me make two things clear up front: I am a Christian. I support Policy 5.45. With those two facts out of the way, allow me to wade into the debate over the Burnaby school district's controversial antihomophobia policy.

Fatal accidents destroy lives every single day

For most of us, a major car accident is little more than a blip: an item on the evening news; the sound of a speeding ambulance passing by us in traffic; an update on a radio show on the morning commute; a road-side memorial with candles, notes and f

Plenty to learn about tolerance

Dear Editor: Letter writer Harmel Guram's intolerance of the religious beliefs of Suzana Kovacic is very ironic considering that his support of School Board Policy 5.45 is purportedly about tolerance and diversity.

Policy 5.45 is inconsistent with pluralism

Dear Editor: The recent exchange of letters in Burnaby NOW (online) by Suzana Kovacic ("School System has become belief based," 26 July, 2011) and Harmel Guram ("Theophobia vs homophobia," 27 July, 2011) demonstrates why name-calling does not assist

Political diversity is crucial for democracy

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly three years since the Burnaby Citizens' Association took every seat on both school board and city council, bumping off the last of its opposition.

Climate change issue still here

Dear Editor: Climate change is one of the key challenges of our time, but it seems to have dropped off people's radar in the last year or so.