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Spirituality is essential to one's well being

Ten years ago, my mom gave me what would be her last birthday present to me. Written by psychiatrist, Dr. Roger Walsh, the book, "Essential Spirituality" brings together the shared wisdom of the world's religions. Dr.

Check your tires, top up your windshield washer

The number of calls BCAA gets for roadside assistance typically doubles during wet, snowy winter months. But, according to BCAA's team of automotive techs, many breakdowns, emergencies and related inconveniences can be avoided.

Protect plants in fall

We've had an unforgettable summer - but soon our garden soil will be cold and wet. Before long, frost will arrive. That's why it's time to bring summer-flowering bulbs, houseplants and heat-loving vegetables into shelter for the winter.

Complexity under the hood worth the trade-off

Dear Tom and Ray: I am about to buy a car. I've been advised to buy a new or newer car so as to avoid breakdowns, but I'm running into one big problem: everything on the market is computerized.

Hart House in season

Popular fine dining restaurant has something for everyone in unique lakeside setting
Deaf, hard-of-hearing lobby for video

Deaf, hard-of-hearing lobby for video

Video relay service would make life much easier for those who are deaf or hard of hearing
Harvest time

Harvest time

The Burnaby Farmers' Market is wrapping up for the season this month, with the last market on Oct. 27. This Saturday, the market is hosting a scarecrow contest.

Take the NOW with you

Want to be featured in Paper Postcards? Take a copy of the Burnaby NOW along with you on your next trip. Take a photo of yourself in front of a scenic backdrop or landmark, holding the newspaper. Send your photos by e-mail to postcards@ burnabynow.

Boxes of burnt out bulbs? Here's where to take them

Light bulbs, chandeliers and Christmas lights will no longer have to head to the landfill, now that LightRecycle, a non-profit recycling company, is accepting all lighting fixtures across B.C.

Trading luxury for a 'green' machine

Plug-in car reduces fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for local family