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Creating cheer in a high school's halls

Student group working hard at annual effort to raise $10,000 for bureau
Campaign continues for Christmas bureau

Campaign continues for Christmas bureau

Countdown to Christmas is already on for staff and volunteers at the bureau

Locals in health survey

Stats Canada project wraps up in Burnaby with local testing

Noises to watch out for

Squeals, squeaks, screeches and things that go bump in the night - They might have been fun at Halloween, but when those sounds come from your car, it's time for maintenance. Noise is to the vehicle what pain is to the body: a warning.

Oven-dried tomatoes

If you like tomatoes, chances are you also Ilove the taste of robust sun-dried tomatoes. They can be purchased either packed in oil, vacuum packed or dehydrated. When buying them from the store, I like the ones packed in oil the best.

Food allergy vs. food intolerance: Quick facts

Food allergies are sensitivities caused by a reaction of the body's immune system to specific proteins in a food.

What did you learn from your life today?

I've written of what my children have come to expect with each ride to school. Since my now 19-year-old son was in preschool, I have asked my kids to complete three essential tasks each day: learn something new, help someone else and have fun.
Making 'fun' of food allergies

Making 'fun' of food allergies

Calendar: What's up with the Burnaby Christmas Bureau

Mark your calendars and help out this holiday season. Here's a round up of current events, fundraisers and other activities related to the Burnaby Christmas Bureau's campaign.

Burnaby Christmas Bureau: Up close and personal

For the Burnaby Christmas Bureau, it's all about people: from the clients who turn to the organization during tough times, to the volunteers who help stock the shelves at the toy room, from the staff who help organize the entire operation to the dono
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