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In the Community

Campaign on to feed seniors

Two Burnaby supermarkets are teaming up with a seniors' home-care business to collect food donations to feed the elderly. "As seniors age, so do their nutritional needs.

Lucky seven at Shadbolt

What happens when you give seven art groups just seven days to come up with an entire show? Who knows? But the organizers are willing to bet it's going to be an incredible event, free for the public, on Sept. 29 at 8 p.m.

If life was a movie, would you play bloopers at the end?

When I'm watching a movie with my kids, we won't leave the theatre before the credits are done because some of the best scenes can be at the end. Bloopers are now so popular that they're even inserted at the end of cartoons like Monsters, Inc.

It's OK to ask for missed problem to be fixed

Dear Tom and Ray: I recently had my car's front end aligned by a mechanic whom I have trusted for more than 10 years. The problem is, to keep the car running straight on the road, I must have my steering wheel turned to the right by about 15 degrees.
Masters of the game

Masters of the game

The Pokemon Fall Battle Road event at Magic Stonghold Games in Burnaby took place on Sept. 23. The 2013 Pokemon World Championships are coming to Vancouver this year, for the first time since the championships started in 1996.

Burnaby residents wanted for mural painting project

The Burnaby Artists Guild is once again offering members of the public a chance to have some fun with paint and have their artwork permanently displayed in a public space. A painting workshop will be held at Edmonds Community Centre on Friday, Sept.

Dear Anne: Our garden was a bust, what did we do wrong?

Question: Our veggie garden was a bust. Everything grew huge, but we had no actual food except for the kale. Not much under the earth in carrots or radishes. Tomato stems are very big but not even one tomato is growing - the same for peas and cukes.

Catch a ride at Burnaby Village

While there aren't actual time machines at the Burnaby Village Museum, there is the opportunity to be transported into the past this weekend.

Time travel at Nelson

This Thursday and Friday, Nelson Elementary is celebrating a century of learning since the Burnaby school opened in 1912.


The oral interviews conducted by historians in Burnaby 40 years ago, along with a documentary on five of Burnaby's freemen - From the Heart: The Freeman Legacy - preserved the voices of residents who lived here in the 1920s, '30s and '40s.