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Letters: SkyTrain noise has worsened over time

Complaints about SkyTrain noise have touched a nerve with readers, who say more effort is needed to defuse the decibel level.
SkyTrain cars turn a corner at Gilmore station in Burnaby. | File photo


I have been living close to the SkyTrain for eleven years. One of the reasons I wanted to live in the area was because the SkyTrain was so convenient. The noise from the SkyTrain at that time was acceptable and I could enjoy sitting on my deck without being concerned about the noise. Unfortunately the noise level has increased dramatically over the years and is no longer at a reasonable and acceptable level. Why is there no effort to maintain the tracks and solve the noise problem?

Wendy March


I have lived next to the Lougheed Mall SkyTrain station for many years. The screeching of breaks of trains entering and leaving the station is horrendous. It has gotten a lot louder over the last number of years. They have sped up the trains, which really ramps up the noise. Even when riding the train, it is so loud often you can't talk on the phone or speak to the person sitting beside you.

Terry Kennedy


I have been travelling on the SkyTrain several times per week through May. The noise level and screeching of the trains is uncomfortable verging on painful. I find I am covering my ears at times during the ride. The side-to-side strong motion of the train car was very strong and required holding on to ensure staying safely seated.
I’m not a fan of this mode of transportation and its absence of quality and efficiency.
This low level of quality transportation deters ridership.

M.E. Burgess


My wife and I have lived near the Edmonds Station for 23 years. In the past we have complained about the noise and eventually the tracks were ground and the noise lessened. In the last three years there seems to have been no ongoing maintenance. It has just gotten worse and worse. There are more trains now and therefore more noise.
Why do noise bylaws not apply to the SkyTrain?
How long will this go on before those responsible accept responsibility?

Angus Fraser


Just want to mention the SkyTrain track noise isn't just Burnaby, but at Joyce SkyTrain station in Vancouver also, and its unbearable here again

Brian Thompson


I have lived very close to the SkyTrain in south Burnaby on and off since it was first built and the noise level has definitely gotten much louder over the years. It is now quite unacceptable, really.

Heather Olinyk


Most cities in the world deal with rail noise one way or another, yet in Vancouver, it seems like we are far behind in implementing any kind of solution. I know we have tried many solutions, but none seem all that effective. I noticed that Tokyo has rail everywhere in the city, yet it's relativity quiet compared to Vancouver. It seems we lack maintenance and up-to-date tech for absorbing sound.

William Zhou


While your article addresses the noise on the SkyTrain's Expo line, I wanted to report about the extremely high, screeching noise experienced in the stretch between Burquitlam and Port Moody Centre. It gets so loud that I literally need to cover my ears so as to not get affected by it. If TransLink is inspecting the Expo line, I wanted to let this information be known so that even the Millennium line (especially the Evergreen extension) can be inspected along.

Dhvani Parekh