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Apology accepted, now time for real change

Wally Oppal's long-awaited report on the missing women is out and aptly titled Forsaken.

Disappointed in council

Dear Editor: I was disappointed that our mayor continues to oppose the new municipal auditor general as a waste of money. His notion that we don't need it because Burnaby has annual audits is disingenuous.

Let's get organized and sort out the funding for city hospital

Dear Editor: I do not understand why the powers that be feel Burnaby has to play second fiddle to Vancouver. We have known for many years that Burnaby Hospital needs replacing. St.

Why is mayor opposed?

Dear Editor: Isn't it funny that the day after a story is run in the Burnaby Now saying that the City of Burnaby is set to raise our property taxes by 2.

Province's money sense not so good

The B.C. Liberals keep using your money to tell you what a great job they're doing managing the economy and creating jobs, but evidence keeps mounting that their claim to being financial wizards is questionable at best. IN MY O First, the B.C.

Raw food best option for pets

Dear Editor: The recent Burnaby NOW column on pet food stated that all the evidence about raw food is anecdotal. I see and hear from my customers on a daily basis about the changes they have seen in their own animals.

Thank you from the Gogos

Dear Editor: This week, a member of Burnaby Gogos picked up three jars of pennies from a woman who called because she'd been saving them since noticing the Burnaby NOW article, "Grandmothers want change.

Rage can stem from small things

If I could redesign humans, starting from the ground up, I'd probably change a whole lot of things. But if I could only make one tweak, I'd add a safety valve.

Thankful for committee

Dear Editor: Re: We absolutely need a new hospital, Burnaby NOW, Dec. 5.

Burnaby Hospital must be fixed

Dear Editor: The letter from Ziggy Eckardt says it all and so politely.
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