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NDP: The party that Jack rebuilt

Everybody's talking about Jack this week. I don't want to take away from the accolades and adulation aimed at his huge political achievements. Because his achievements have been huge.

How well run is city?

Dear Editor: Re: Council is a product of democracy, Letters to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, Aug. 5. The Maclean's article on a well-run city is regurgitated every time there is a challenge as to how Burnaby is run.

Consider Greens in election

Dear Editor: With the civic elections approaching in November, the current BCA council will be quick to point out that Burnaby was named the "Best Run City in Canada" in 2008.

Layton passes his torch to young Canadians

Any good politician knows there are two ways to rally a crowd: with anger, finger-pointing and an us-versus-them battle cry; or, with the promise of better things and a brighter future for those who believe in their collective power to change.

Thanks to Jack Layton

Dear Editor: Dear Jack: Thank you for your sense of substance and style. Rolling up your sleeves to go to work for Canadian families, you always wore your political beliefs so proudly.

Tensions on the rise for Liberals

This has been a summer of quiet discontent for B.C. Liberals.

Safer, cleaner energy is in everyone's interests

Dear Editor: The 66th anniversary of the atomic bomb blasts that destroyed the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has been accompanied this year in Japan by calls for the country to develop safer sources of energy such as solar, wind and bioma

Time to deregulate taxi industry

Dear Editor: Greece is one of the most highly regulated countries in the world, which is why its economy has become so uncompetitive.

Debate calls for compassion

Like many other letter writers, I am saddened by the polarity and name-calling in discussions about the Burnaby school district's Policy 5.45.

Time to speak out about oil

DEAR EDITOR: I heard that the Harper Conservative government has just announced the elimination of 776 positions at Environment Canada, as a cost-saving measure.