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Private sector should be developing green energy

Dear Editor: Given the misinformed debate about green energy development that has taken place in this province in recent years, including the question of whether the public or the private sector should be developing our green energy resources, it is

High fees a consequence of free-market capitalism

Dear Editor: Re: Fees hit families in Africa, Burnaby NOW, Aug. 10.

Pesticide ban has postives for all

Premier Christy Clark and Opposition Leader Adrian Dix are to be commended for supporting a provincewide ban on the sale and use of lawn and garden pesticides.

Count post-deadline HST votes

Dear Editor: The deadline to drop off our ballots for the HST referendum came upon us at 4: 30 p.m. on Friday Aug. 5. As predicted and as usual, many procrastinators wasted their valuable ballots by being late.

Fond farewell to a loyal pal

Dear Editor: We would like to thank the SPCA for 16 wonderful years with Rusty.

Desperately seeking a fix for economic woes

Hey, remember three years ago, when the stock market was in free fall, Europe's finances were looking shaky and any government help was uncertain at best? Welcome to 2008, Part 2.

City hall spending under scrutiny

Municipal governments and the tax dollars they spend have been thrust into the spotlight in recent weeks, and they are about to discover that scrutiny of their dealings is going to increase significantly.

Council is product of democracy

Dear Editor: Re: Political diversity is crucial for democracy, Our View, Burnaby NOW, July 27. Burnaby city council and the Burnaby board of education, like Burnaby itself, are perfectly fine examples of diversity and democracy.

Jump in with both feet to make connections

What makes a city a place that people want to be? Is is the amount of greenspace? Is it the property values? Maybe the amount of security in the form of local police forces? Is it location, or infrastructure, or the reputation of the education system

Let's use resources

Dear Editor: With so much wet, rainy weather and rivers overflowing in British Columbia this spring and summer, it's too bad we don't have enough hydroelectric generating capacity in place to take advantage of it and export clean, renewable electrici