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Christmas starts early for the Burnaby bureau

We can almost hear the groans: yes, we've written the word "Christmas" in the paper, and it's still only October. Most folks prefer not to think about the holiday season until, oh, late November.

Agreement is a bad idea

Dear Editor: Re: Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement CETA It is now less than one month until the municipal elections in B.C. None of our local politicians have made the CETA an election issue.

Message in a bottle - of shampoo?

It was such a mixed message it actually made me laugh out loud. But it wasn't the laughter that stems from amusement or hilarity. More the kind that's combined with a snort and followed by a heavy sigh.

Free flow of information is vital for parents, district

Dear Editor: Re: TEAM calls for transparency, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 26. The article, "TEAM calls for transparency" was intriguing given school board chair Mr. Hayes' response to Ms.

Let's pay for prevention and avoid 'cure' costs

It's a well-used phrase but one that bears repeating: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Mayor's stance disheartening

Dear Editor: Re: Mayor blasts tax plan, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 12. It is extremely disappointing to hear that Burnaby's mayor voted against additional funding for TransLink's sustainable transportation improvements.

Consider LRT for region

Dear Editor: As P. T. Barnum observed: "There is a sucker born every minute," and with the regional mayors goose-stepping in unison with TransLink's demand for more money, it seems we are governed by "suckers.

Facts not quite right

Dear Editor: Re: Criticism of politicians, not staff, Letter to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 5 Mr. G.

Burnaby's race promises to be interesting

Few elections are truly dull affairs. There's always a once-dormant issue that gains some legs; a candidate who cries foul; a letter to the editor that sparks outrage. That's all part of a healthy democratic process.

System works just fine

Dear Editor: Re: Voting system isn't working, Letter to the Editor, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 14. The voting system in Burnaby is more than adequate for citizens to choose their representatives for mayor, council and school board despite Mr.
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