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Why should I pay for transit?

Re: Will Corrigan say 'I told you so' in two years?, Our View, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 12.

Muslim nation? No, thank you

Dear Editor, Thank you for reminding your readers (Burnaby proclaims Islamic History Month, Burnaby NOW, October 12,) that, last year, we discussed the subject at hand.

Mayor's opposition is 'unimpressive'

You say that if you were given a vote on the Evergreen Line funding, you would have probably held your nose and voted "yes" (re: Will Corrigan say 'I told you so' in two years? Our View, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 12.

Teacher takes on columnist

Dear Editor: Re: Change ahead for education system, In My Opinion, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 12. It's a good thing my blood pressure is low because this article raised it considerably this evening.

Hawes was losing sleep - shouldn't we all?

Once in a while a politician takes issue with his or her own party's policies. Sometimes it's motivated by personal ambition, sometimes by conscience.

An apology

A letter to the editor published in the Burnaby NOW on Oct. 12 contained incorrect information. Mordecai Briemberg has neither written a song entitled Victory for Hamas, or performed one. The Burnaby NOW apologizes for publishing the misinformation.

YMCA honoured Briemberg

DEAR EDITOR: At the YMCA of Greater Vancouver 2008 Power of Peace Awards ceremony, I was honoured with the "International Peacemaker" award.

Democracy in education?

DEAR EDITOR: I do not see how the reported debacle (Student wins his battle, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 5) will stop caucus from repeating the same authoritarian behaviour in the future, but it is certainly an achievement by the community to be cherished.

'Consider the source'

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Consider the source, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, Wednesday, Oct. 12.
Vancouver police release another 24 photos of riot suspects

Vancouver police release another 24 photos of riot suspects

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