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Twigs stand up to winter's wrath

Through winter, flowers get battered down by winter storms and berries fall or are eaten by wildlife, but brightly coloured stems and contorted twigs resist anything nature hurls at them.

Chances to quit during Non-Smoking Week

I recognition of National Non-Smoking Week, Jan. 20 to 26, the provincial government is urging smokers to butt out for good with the help of the B.C. smoking cessation program.

Paper Postcards

Want to be featured in Paper Postcards? Take a copy of the Burnaby NOW along with you on your next trip. Take a photo of yourself in front of a scenic backdrop or landmark, holding the newspaper. Send your photos by email to postcards@ burnabynow.
Creating an inclusive arts space

Creating an inclusive arts space

Local art studio offers welcoming space for people with disabilities

Drive with extra caution in the dark

The days may be slowly getting brighter, but ICBC is still warning drivers to proceed with caution during the winter.

Survivor Man escapes Vietnam

Local restaurant owner tells tale of how he left his home country and spent days at sea
Dine Out Vancouver comes to local restaurants

Dine Out Vancouver comes to local restaurants

Mission possible: tackling debt of any size

Mission possible: tackling debt of any size

A Burnaby bus driver says a destructive relationship took him from being a "saver" to having more than $50,000 of consumer debt, but he crawled back from financial ruin with help from the Credit Counselling Society of British Columbia.

Local poet publishes unique literary magazine

Publication Poetry is Dead focuses on young writers from across the country

Passing on a lifelong passion for juggling

Professional juggler running adult teaching classes at a local elementary school