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Plenty to do this weekend

We're not so lucky in Burnaby to have a statutory holiday, but there are still a boatload of things to do in the city.

No kitchen should be without this tool

Over the years, I have discovered many simple methods that will help to easily perfect the meals that we serve. Some are so obvious, like a meat thermometer, it is bizarre when I come across a household that does not have one.

The joy of new wheels

Young Jonathan Farbridge is the proud owner of a new bike, thanks to Burnaby Autobody. Farbridge won the bicycle through a contest held by Burnaby Autobody owner Brian Borsoff. "He was ecstatic about it," Borsoff said of Jonathan.

Burnaby performer in Disney on Ice

Twin brothers Chris and Nick Molnar were learning to skate almost as soon as they could walk. The Burnaby boys started playing hockey at the Burnaby Winter Club and getting coached in figure skating at 8 Rinks before they'd even started kindergarten.
To walk in peace, armed with knowledge

To walk in peace, armed with knowledge

It only took a few minutes for Borhan Jiang to realize he'd found something he would be passionate about for the rest of his life.

From the battle field to the streets of Burnaby, Krav Maga is growing in popularity

To those who've tried it, Krav Maga is the ultimate in modern self-defence: practical, efficient and aimed at readying an individual for 'real-world' applications. The method is still relatively unknown in Canada, but that's likely to change.
Burnaby students help break stacking record

Burnaby students help break stacking record

Recalling Rocky nights at the Ridge

Burnaby resident Steven Ferguson shares his thoughts on the movie biz

Rotary program aimed at keeping kids warm

Volunteers have already handed out 750 coats this season with more expected

It was double the fun with these chiefs

Forest Grove resident Don Osborn got a call a few weeks ago from the Burnaby Fire Department, explaining how one of his five-year-old daughters won a draw at Lougheed Town Centre, and the prize was she got to be fire chief for a day.