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Occupiers deserve praise

Dear Editor: While the Occupiers risk even their lives in their tents, protesting the power and wealth, 70 per cent of citizens would not come out to even vote.

Rethink pipeline ideas

Dear Editor: Re: Pipeline politics coming for B.C., Opinion, Burnaby NOW, Nov. 16, by Keith Baldrey.

Lopsided model of government not the best

Single-party, single-position rule may be smoother in the short term, but it doesn't bode well for the long term

Where is city involvement?

Dear Editor: As a city of Burnaby resident who feels we all have a role to play in making our city the best it can be, I and many other residents and businesses in our neighbourhood have been involved in significant volunteer efforts to do our part.

Some cities have curfews

Dear Editor: One small but significant omission from the recent article (Night closing sought for party park, Nov.

Finding the 'good' in the season

When you're dealing with a four-year-old, getting to the heart of a morality lesson isn't always easy. We recently spent a rainy Sunday afternoon watching The Muppet Christmas Carol.

Deal with homelessness

Dear Editor: Mr. Hasek has my deepest sympathies. The Ledingham Park neighbours deserve an enforced "no night use" park bylaw. But before Burnaby can enact such a rule it must site a local permanent emergency shelter.

Consider your votes before casting a ballot

Every three years, right around this time, we usually pull out the soapbox, jump on top of it, and start bemoaning the consistently low voter turnout at municipal elections.

Kindergarten lessons to take to the polls

Right around now in the civic election campaign we're thinking democracy may be overrated.

Long way from tolerance

Dear Editor: Many thanks for your ongoing coverage of the Burnaby school board's controversial policy 5.
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