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Watch out for beer bribes on election day

It's a serious offence to mess around with the democratic process - especially when it comes to elections.

Policy opponents off base

Dear Editor: What amazes me the most about the current fracas over the Burnaby school district's policy 5.45 is a lack of historical knowledge or appreciation exhibited by those opposed. If we review the history of B.C.

Take the labels off the law

Dear Editor: I don't have kids of my own, and don't have any axe to grind with respect to the "gay policy" being considered by either parties.

The poppy: It carries the weight of memories

The tiny symbol of sacrifice and courage in Canada - and heartbreaking loss - deserves our respect and support

MP's survey was flawed

Dear Editor Re: MP's poll reveals 47 per cent want gondola, Burnaby NOW, Nov. 4. The article revealed that four out of five households phoned (on land lines) by the polling company hung up and did not participate.

Missing women versus hockey: No contest

What is wrong with this picture? The Missing Women Commission of Inquiry is hearing evidence suggesting that the police did not take the women's relatives' concerns seriously because the women were prostitutes, police didn't even file reports when fa

System isn't working

Dear Editor: Paul Keenleyside (System works just fine, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, Oct. 21) just doesn't get it when it comes to what's wrong with our voting system, Here it is in a nutshell.

A clever mask for discrimination?

Last week we published a story detailing a Burnaby Parents' Voice candidate's concern about hateful and racist remarks being published online via a gay media's website.

What more can you ask for?

Dear Editor: The province's job creation plan focuses on areas where B.C. already has a "competitive edge." What greater competitive edge can there be in the 21st century than having an abundance of renewable clean energy.

Time to engage residents

Dear Editor: The number still blows me away: 24 per cent. That is the percentage of Burnaby residents who voted in the 2008 civic election. It's low, extremely low. Ever since I threw in my hat to run for council, the number has been on my mind.
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