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More electric cars needed

DEAR EDITOR: Electric cars have been around since the 1830s and 1840s, and production models have been around since the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Old tax system means higher taxes

After two years of heated debate, many British Columbians are still confused about how to vote in the current mail-in referendum on the HST.

HST 'conceived in deceit'

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Two sides of the debate: Politicians respond, Burnaby NOW, July 15 Harry Bloy, counsels us to vote in favour of the HST.

Let police do their job in riot investigations

In the days following the Vancouver riots, the sadness and disappointment felt by most British Columbians was a tangible thing - on radio callin shows, in letters to the editor, and around the water cooler and the dinner table, most people were shock

Parents' Voice didn't deserve 'malicious' criticism

Dear Editor: Re: Online poster proud of partaking in violent gay bashing attack, Letters to the editor, Burnaby NOW, July 22. The letter posted by this paper on July 22, 2011, authored by a T. Trueman.

Gondola not welcome

DEAR EDITOR: Re: Residents share anti-gondola message, Burnaby NOW, July 13 This project is costly ($120 million now) and totally unnecessary transport for a greater population in and about Vancouver.

BCTF gives unions bad rep

Dear Editor: Re: BCTF out of touch with reality, In My Opinion, Burnaby NOW, July 13. My applause to Keith Baldrey for writing such an eloquent and down to the point article in regards to teachers' negotiations.

Quit the whining: It's just a little bit of rain

Libyan revolution. Syrian death squads. Sudanese war crimes. Somalian famine. American debt crisis. Yes, those are just a few of the topics you'll find if you cruise around Google news headlines this week.

Group in a time warp

Dear Editor: As a lifelong resident of Burnaby, I have been watching with great interest the fight that the members of the Parents' Voice have been picking with the Burnaby school board.

No fan of gondola plan

Dear Editor: Re: Residents share anti-gondola message, Burnaby NOW, July 13.
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